Our story

It all began in 2003 in a small suburb of our state capital. Today we are solving the problems of big players.

Lutz Schmidt | CEO

No more start-ups - but still agile.

After 18 years, we are no longer quite considered a start-up, but have a decisive advantage - we have got to know many unique problems in companies over the years and thus quickly understand how to solve a problem with IT. Fortunately, since our customers' problems are individual, we are forced to remain agile even in old age. Due to our two decades of professional experience from my business partner and me, our statements and assessments are based on a high level of expertise that we have acquired in this industry. This expertise, coupled with high reliability, leads to an above-average cooperation with our customers.

Our current core competence, process optimization, was not even clear when we founded the company 18 years ago. However, the first orders suggested it. Regardless of whether it's a private individual or a large corporation - we are and have always been needed when it's said, "There must be some way to do it!"

Our experience for your success.

As a result, we have optimized many processes in companies over the years and developed solutions that make the lives of entrepreneurs worldwide easier and even break down applications to private customers. Because what works in large companies also works on a small scale.

From large insurance companies that have a unique emergency management system from us in place, to a dam that reports itself with our technology when the water levels rise too high, to the in-house pool that refills chlorine or performs cleaning all by itself. You have a problem and we have the solution! Just contact us with your problem; in 18 years there is almost no problem we have not seen.

Just contact us with your problem; in 18 years there is almost no problem we have not seen.

Andreas Winter | CEO

Reliability has always been our secret. For customers. For employees. For us.

Lutz Schmidt | CEO | 2021
Process optimizations of various kinds
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