Private buildings

What works for our customers, we now also offer private customers. Prefabricated solutions that have been used in the business world for years should make your life at home much easier.

Why not take advantage of digitization in your own home?

How about your pool reporting when there's too little chlorine in it? No more tedious measuring, no more feeling the temperature - just look at your phone. But that's not all.

Wouldn't it be great if you weren't surprised by an expensive consumption bill at the end of the year, but could see every day what all the consumptions in your house are?

We make all relevant key data of your building technology visible in real time.

With our energy monitoring, it is easy to localize waste, to eliminate it with little effort and to dedicate oneself to the optimization step by step. With this data, optimizations can be clearly planned in terms of costs and benefits and, after implementation, the actual successes in savings can be shown or documented.

What distinguishes us

  • We are not a start-up, but have been on the market with these topics in Germany for 18 years. A lot of experience from industry and medium-sized businesses now enables us to offer our service to private customers as well.
  • It can be so simple: With only a few key data, we can say in advance what is possible and what is not possible with you.
  • Reliability and agility: You don't have a pool or an old heater? No problem. Solutions are available for many applications in your home.

The advantages for you


Whether it's time or money - if you optimize the age-old processes in your home, you'll always gain something.


Where do you spend unnecessary money or spend precious time? We optimize this point in your house.


See, understand and manage all your home's data (consumption, levels, devices, etc.) in one central point.


Our solutions are modular, which means you can start with what you want and use what you want.

Customer example

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