Corporate groups are characterized by the fact that a large number of companies are often operated under a uniform corporate structure with a wide variety of dependencies. Central tasks are to be made available optimally to the dependent companies.

In addition to process optimization, professional ERP systems such as SAP also try to ensure the highest level of transparency for decision-makers. Under the flags of large consulting firms or directly with one or the other corporation, we are usually in the front row when it comes to implementation. Benefit from our wealth of experience.

What distinguishes us

  • Among the distinguishing features of our company consulting, we can refer to a repertoire of a wide variety of company types in our customers.
  • We provide support not only for standard modules from ERP systems but also for the
    • IT infrastructure
    • System operation
    • System architecture
  • We plan, develop and operate special solutions for
    • Crisis and emergency management
    • Energy monitoring
    • Consumption data collection and provision for annual consumption billing systems.

The advantages for you

A lot of experience

Project experience in cross-cutting topics.

Teams & support

Strong project teams in the background.

Flexible solutions

High flexibility of the AGILOS group of companies.

Best contacts

High-quality network of a wide variety of specialist experts.

Customer examples

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